Hi everyone! My name is Charles Stiles & you may know me from the Food Network television show "Mystery Diners".

I often get asked to send signed photographs & so I thought this would be a way for fans to order them whenever they wanted for themselves, friends or family. In order to cover the costs for packing and shipping, my team created this eBay account and PayPal for payment convenience & it covers the cost no matter where you are in the world!

To receive a personalized autograph, please complete the purchase through PayPal and email through contact seller with the address to send your photo, the name you wish written and also which photo is your favorite!

Upon order and payment and receiving the personalization request your signed picture will be sent out to you within 1 week.

Keep watching Mystery Diners & thank you for your support! You can also find me on twitter @ImCharlesStiles.

Yours truly,